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Gary F. Casaly, Esquire — References

595 Randolph Street, Canton, Massachusetts 02021
Phone: 617-462-6523   |   Fax: 781-828-4959
Email: gcasaly @ comcast.net
Website: www.casaly.com

I have worked with Gary Casaly for approximately fifteen years. A significant aspect of my practice consists of real estate conveyancing. Gary has been invaluable over these past fifteen years as he would always provide answers to my many questions in a very precise and speedy manner. More importantly, his answers were always given by way of a written memo which I could put into my file for future reference. I can count on one hand how many times I did not receive an answer fromn Gary within one hour of sending him some sort of question, no matter how complex. In today's fast paced world of real estate this made my life so much easier.

When I was just starting out in real estate, the fact that I had Gary to turn to for guidance, was a godsend. I know Gary would be an asset to anyone he works for. There are many attorneys, like myself, who will follow Gary wherever he goes as his level service, combined with his knowledge of real estate, is unrivaled.

Brett A. Sanidas, Esquire
Falmouth, Massachusetts

I have been an attorney since 2002 and have been self-employed as an attorney since 2004. When I first started my own practice, I was dependent on the wisdom of others to answer questions that I had regarding different aspects of the law.

One of those wise individuals was Gary Casaly. Gary was a great resource as I started and subsequently expanded my law practice. There was no worse feeling than having an emergency title question come. There was no better feeling than to know that you could pick up the phone in that moment of panic and you were guaranteed to get Gary on the line.

Gary was always there with a quick, concise and logical response to any of my questions. He understood the sense of urgency that attorneys face as well as the necessity of a quick, concise answer. Gary was a great resource in the title industry specifically and in the real estate industry generally. Gary was not only readily accessible for title questions but he was also a great asset in other areas of my practice that had ancillary real estate issues. Gary was a hidden jewel that helped me provide a high level of service and knowledge to my clients and this contributed to the progression of my law practice. I would strongly and unequivocally recommend Gary Casaly to anybody that needs a quick, concise and logical response to their complex real estate questions.

John J. Greene, Esquire
Quincy, Massachusetts

I have known Gary Casaly since he practiced law with his Dad at Casaly & Casaly in Natick. In fact, I sold Gary an old set of law books, which I believe he still has today.

Gary's knowledge and expertise in real estate law is second to none. He has a great knack for dissecting very complex real estate issues and explaining them to you in simple and understandable terms. His legal articles have clarified many issues and he has become the "Go to Guy" in real estate law.

Gary has always been accessible and responsive whether by telephone, fax or email. He understands that you are waiting for an answer and he gets back to you.

Robert W. Tennant, Esquire
Tennant & Ewer, P.C.
Newton, Massachusetts

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Gary. I am confident wherever he lands that he will continue to be the "Go to Guy" in real estate law.

I have worked with Gary for over twenty-five years. When I first started my conveyancing practice as an agent for First American Title, Gary demonstrated incredible patience fielding innumerable telephone calls about the most basic title issues. Decades later, when confronted with a novel issue, I still turn to Gary for expert counsel. I know that, no matter how complicated or convoluted the issue, I can rely on Gary for a thoughtful and knowledgeable dissertation, the correct answer and probably the citation to the dispositive case. I consider Gary one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Additionally, although seemingly gruff to the uninitiated, Gary is a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to having occasion to consult with him and enjoy his dry wit and spirited discussion.

I say with confidence that my understanding of the substantive body of law affecting titles would be dramatically less without Gary's help. I recommend Gary most heartily and would be happy to receive further inquiry.

Daniel M. Lewis, Esquire
Murphy, Lewis, & Loscocco
Wellesley, Massachusetts

My relationship with Gary Casaly began almost as soon as my brother Bob and I founded Ament & Ament in the late seventies. Our firm has always specialized in real estate, and we grew, along with the title insurance industry, as Cape Cod grew. Gary has always been a critical part of our success, first at First American Title Insurance Company and then at Stewart, and we'll follow him (as I think many others will) to become agents of whatever company is lucky enough to bring him on now.

Gary combines an incredible knowledge of real estate law with a fierce dedication to make things work for his agents. He is the first and fastest responder to the many legal questions we ask. In fact, his famous "speed memos" are kept as part of our title examinations and have, over the years, become a semi-official body of law which local lawyers quote as backup for their positions.

But intelligence and availability aside, Gary always finds a way to keep a deal together and to protect his agent. He's steered me out of trouble more times than I can count with his legal analysis, his helpfulness in setting a workable premium, and in being a responsible, but reasonable, insurer in determining the requirements and terms of a loan policy. Gary helps make our business work, but always with the highest intellectual and ethical standards, and I can't really picture title insurance work in Massachusetts without him.

If anyone wants to talk further about my nearly thirty years working with Gary, please give me a call.

David Ament, Esquire
Ament & Ament
Falmouth, Massachusetts

I have known Gary Casaly professionally for the past twenty years and have relied upon his wisdom and advice as it relates to my real estate conveyancing practice.

Gary has always been immediately available to answer both simple and complex questions that my staff and I are faced with in the practice of real estate law. His advice has been most helpful in steering us clear of potential pitfalls.

Gary's availability has been key to allowing us to get answers quickly and to assist our clients in making decisions regarding title matters. Without question, I would place Gary as one of the preeminent experts in the area of real estate law.

John E. McCluskey, Esquire
Brockton, Massachusetts

I hope we get to work with him again. I always liked him and found Gary to be very responsive to my questions.

Kim Beals, Esquire
Law Offices of John McCluskey
Brockton, Massachusetts


I have had a professional relationship with Gary Casaly since 1978 when he was senior title counsel with First American Title Insurance Company. In the over thirty three years that I have been practicing in the field of real estate law, I have consulted with Gary literally hundreds of times on conveyancing and title issues. Because it is difficult to deal exclusively with one title insurance company or one title counsel, I have also had occasion to deal with other title counsels. I have never found another counsel with whom I am as comfortable and confident in their ability as I am with Gary. When I consult Gary on a title issue the vast majority of the time he is able to answer my questions immediately. On those rare occasions when he must conduct some research prior to providing me with his opinion, he always responds promptly, in most cases the same day. His opinions, when requested to be in writing, are detailed and always with citations for authority. Gary does not just answer your questions; he educates you on the subject.

I do not take the responsibility of a professional recommendation lightly. I can offer, with no reluctance whatsoever, my highest recommendation for Gary. There are many good reasons for an attorney to choose a title insurance company, but the reason that is most important to me is my relationship with the title counsel. For this reason, if Gary chooses to continue to work in the field of title insurance, I intend to bring my business to whatever title insurance company that is fortunate enough to have him.

Robert J. Mather, Esq.
Robert J. Mather & Associates
Middleborough, Massachusetts

I have known Gary Casaly longer than I can remember. I first met him when he was working in his Dad’s law office in Natick, MA in the early 1970s. When my partner died and I inherited the job of closing attorney for a local Federal bank, Gary became my “real estate encyclopedia.” No matter how many times I called him, emailed him, or texted him (whether it was during office hours or not), he got back to me in a timely fashion even if it was on a Friday afternoon in the middle of July.

His knowledge of real estate law is unsurpassed by anyone else that I have met in the forty-five years I have been practicing law. I have used his name on many occasions as the authority on real estate issues, and every attorney has either immediately conceded to that authority or does so as soon as he learns who Gary is. He carries a tremendous burden of having an infallible knowledge in real estate law.

The nicest part about dealing with Gary is that he is unassuming and a real down-to-earth gentlemen. His sense of humor in the face of adversity has always proven to be uplifting and beneficial to my usual state of panic.

In short, I know I can count on Gary any time and in any place to do the absolute best to solve my real estate problem. What more can you ask of a fellow professional and friend?

I would recommend him unconditionally for any position in the field of real estate law.

Robert R. Capobianco
Capobianco & Capobianco, P.C.
15 West Central Street
Natick, MA 01760

I have known Gary Casaly professionally for more than twenty years. He is someone I have consistently relied upon for wisdom and advice regarding thorny real estate issues. Quite literally, Gary wrote the book. His now famous, "A Compilation of Memos on Real Estate Law," is a reliable and succinct guide for dealing with common title issues.

Gary has always been available to me to answer questions, to assist me with underwriting and to help me reason out title issues and find remedies. As a member of the Abstract Club, I am fortunate to benefit from Gary’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of title and title related matters when he analyzes cases we discuss there.

Without question, Gary Casaly is one of the finest minds in the title and title insurance business. He is someone I still plan to turn to for expert advice regarding title matters.

Shelly Rainen, Esquire
Rainen Law Office, P.C.
North Reading, Massachusetts

I have relied on Gary's encyclopedic knowledge of the intricacies of real property law as well as his commitment to his title agents for approximately twenty years.  In my practice as a commercial real estate attorney, I have found Gary invaluable when facing a thorny title issue or needing to find a way to meet the needs of both the title company and insured. Last summer, Gary was instrumental in working with me to produce a title policy for a complex, time sensitive, $28m commercial acquisition.  I am pleased to recommend Gary without hesitation.

R. Paul Faxon, Of Counsel
Archstone Law Group, P.C.
245 Winter Street, Suite 400
Waltham, MA 02451-8709
781-314-0115 (direct dial)
781-314-0101 (fax)

I first met Gary Casaly at a closing more than 35 years ago when he and I were starting our careers as real estate lawyers. I remained in private practice and Gary's career path led him to the title insurance industry where he prominently established himself for all of these years as an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, thorough, practical, capable and helpful underwriting counsel while keeping a great sense of humor. Gary must have a photographic memory as he can immediately recall cases and statutes on the most esoteric title matters.  I am fortunate to know Gary and I must admit that that he is one of the first persons I think to call when I need a resourceful resolution to difficult and/or complex title issues. Throughout all of these years Gary has acted as a mentor and respected colleague to even the most able and experienced conveyancer and I am sure that this will continue. Gary is a credit to the conveyancing bar and I heartily recommend him for any position where real property law is practiced, taught or both.

Nowell Bloomenthal, Esquire
Bloomenthal & de Bastos LLC
Waltham, Massachusetts

I consider Gary Casaly to be among the most knowledgeable and resourceful of practitioners in Massachusetts concerning matters affecting title to real estate and title insurance. I have sought his advice and guidance on countless occasions since I first started practicing real estate law in 1984, initially when he was at First American Title, and subsequently at Stewart Title. In our office, we frequently refer to his book of "Speed Memos," which I keep on my bookshelf, as well as other topic articles he has published throughout the years. His breadth of knowledge and years of experience translate into rapid but reliable answers to even the most complicated of title questions that arise, and helpful guidance in finding practical and appropriate solutions to complex situations. I have the utmost respect for his abilities and his counsel. I also have the warmest regard for him as a professional colleague.

Dana Cetlin, Esquire
Cunningham, Machanic, Cetlin, Johnson & Harney, LLP
Natick, Massachusetts

I have known and worked with Gary for over twenty years as a policy-writing attorney for title insurance companies where he has been employed as an underwriting counsel. He is a very conversant, well-informed and respected authority on real estate law. More importantly he is exceptionally responsive to issues that are important to me, and Gary has always responded timely and taken a real interest in helping me solve critical issues that, in my opinion, required an immediate resolution. Gary has been enthusiastic and available to me, on many occasions after (or before) regular business hours whenever I needed assistance in solving title issues. Often, Gary could be seen, with me, sitting in my conference room agonizing over a difficult abstract. He is a hands-on type of person who generously offers help to “front line” practicing attorneys and others whenever requested. His articles and written commentaries that have appeared in various publications are of high quality and always informative. I recommend Gary, without reservation, for any position requiring astute legal analysis and cooperative involvement in the resolution of questions and issues concerning real estate matters.

Robert Russell, Esquire
Russell, McTernan, McTernan & Fruci
Norwood, Massachusetts

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